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Karva Chauth is one of the one day festival which is being celebrated by Hindus all over the world.
Married woman goes on fast from sunrise to moonrise for the longevity of their husbands.
unmarried woman sometimes also keep the fast for the longevity of their fiances
This festival comes as per Hindu calendar in the month of karthik.

Preparation and celebrations

Preparation starts many days before the Karva Chauth.
Women buys new clothes except for black and white in color and matching bangles and cosmetics, along with bindi etc.

Shopkeepers are too prepared for the same, They too keep their shop updated

On the D day women get up early in the morning and after taking bath they eat and drink before sun rise. Feniya is the one that i am seeing from a long time . Some people say it helps them to keep the fast for the whole day
And on the day women gives a special gift to their mother in law.. it is known as sargi.

The woman do not eat anything in the day nor she drinks anything.
These days many married men too keep the fast to show their love and affection for the wife.

In the evening the woman gets ready by putting henna on their hands and wears new suit and get ready for pooja

The pooja is women only pooja. they sit in circle keeping their thaalis decorated with various pooja things in it.
The pooja begins with katha narrated by a old lady or priest and a ritual of exchanging thaalis in between the ladies and singing Karva Chauth songs

In Punjabi communities, the Karva Chauth song is sung seven times, the first six of which describe some of the activities that are taboo during the fast and the seventh describes the lifting of those restrictions with the conclusion of the fast. The forbidden activities include weaving cloth (kumbh chrakhra feri naa), pleading with or attempting to please anyone (ruthda maniyen naa), and awakening anyone who is asleep (suthra jagayeen naa). For the first six feris they sing -
“ ...Veero kudiye karvara, Sarv suhagan karvara, Aye katti naya teri naa, Kumbh chrakhra feri naa, Aar pair payeen naa, Ruthda maniyen naa, Suthra jagayeen naa, Ve veero kuriye karvara, Ve sarv suhagan karvara... ”
For the seventh feri, they sing -
“ ...Veero kudiye karvara, Sarv suhagan karvara, Aye katti naya teri nee, Kumbh chrakhra feri bhee, Aar pair payeen bhee, Ruthda maniyen bhee, Suthra jagayeen bhee, Ve veero kuriye karvara, Ve sarv suhagan karvara...

After this pooja the women await the rising of the moon. Once the moon is visible, along with her husband ladies see the moon through the sieve and then look at her husband from sieve .
Then water is offered to the moon
Then husband takes the water and give the sip to his wife and in this way ends her fast after having dinner together.

It is customary for the husband to make a gift to his wife, such as jewelry or a new dress.

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karva chauth said...

hey i am a new married lady.. and was looking for the same.. how to do it.. thnks for posting.. by d way when it is??


karva chauth for pregnant women said...

I am 3 months pregnant. shall i go for it or not?

karva chauth for pregnant ladies said...

If you dont want to keep the fast, then i would say, atleast attend the evening pooja and have dinner after moon rise.

karva chauth gifts said...

i am getting confused in the gifts, i am not getting what to gift to my mother in law. could u plz help me ?

karva chauth said...

it is on 15th of october 2011

gifts for mother in law said...

there are so many options of gifts.
* suiits
* sarrees
* hand bags
* electronic gifts
* jewelry

you can gift her any thing depending on her choice and liking

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