Thursday, March 25, 2010 ,osmanabad Thlathi osmanabad district map ,osmanabad Thlathi osmanabad district map

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In this page we are going to provide you information regarding Osmanabad District , Information regarding current notice , news , Recruitment . In these blog you can find latest information and notifications details .

List of the selected candidates And waiting candidates for Talathi Post has been anounced. You can view the list of selected cadidates for talathi post at this loction given below :
Visit above website Select Notice Board. After that you can able to view the list of Talathi Recruitment 2009-10

You can also view the list Seat no. wise Mark List of Talathi Recruitment 2010


In osmanabad website you can find out voters list , notice board, Suvidha form, download .

osmanabad district official website is given below at this location all related results like osmanabad osmanabad guide osmanabad district map osmanabad city map osmanabad weather osmanabad telephone directory can be found.

About Osmanabad (
Osmanabad District is one of the Eight districts of Marathwada Region of Maharashtra State.

Tender notice Osmanabad (

Tender Notice Of Mining Dept.

Corrigendum of Mining deptt

Corrigendum (Round no. 2) of Mining deptt

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